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You are here Home. It is actually a revelation of Christ 2 C. External Evidence : 1. It was affirmed by Justin Martyr b. It was affirmed by Clement of Alexandria c. It was affirmed by Hippolytus d. It was affirmed by Origin e. It was affirmed by Irenaeus 2.

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In chapters the writer seems to be over the churches of the province of Asia and strong tradition places the Apostle John in this position 6 4. Style is a major objection to apostolic authorship, however, this can be answered: 7 a. The work reflects a lot of apocalyptic reading behind it c. If it was written in exile, the tools for a scholarly approach may have been absent d. There is a mood of emotional excitement which may not have lent itself to polished prose e.

There may have been the help of an amanuensis f. It is not written as an Apostle, but as a prophet g. The curious language may be related to the setting forth of divine oracles and visions B. Internal Evidence : 1. The writer calls himself John , 9; 2. The writer speaks with great authority as a prophet ; , 3. The writer demonstrates himself to be a Palestinian Jew steeped in temple and synagogue rituals, the OT and the Targum 4. The writer calls himself John without any further description, therefore, he must have been well known 8 5. Many similarities exist between the Apocalypse and other writings of John: a.

There is the sharp contrast between good and evil 9 III. There are two primary views concerning the time this book was written 1. This is when you will raise from the dead, should you have died before the Lord comes. This is when time is no more for the Bride as they step out of time into eternity. This is the end of the seventh church age when time ceases for the Bride because their bodies are changed into immortal bodies that time has no influence over. You will never change or grow older. All the dead from the church ages are either buried on land or at sea.

Christ, as the archangel Michael, comes to claim them in the resurreaction. We live in a space of three dimensions which are length, breadth, and height. We also find that we are prisoners of time which is the fourth dimension. We are helpless as we drift from the past to the future in the pipeline of time which surrounds us. The only way to get out of time on planet earth is to receive a new immortal body.

Time makes us change as we age. Time only allows us to grow, with many difficulties as our strength exceeds our wisdom, until we are about 25 years old. After that it is downhill as our bodily strength fades because time is affected by the laws of decay. Then we have to die which is an unpleasant episode in our life time. After the resurrection of the dead, our bodies have to change so that we can be caught up with the resurrected saints. Heaven is shown separated from earth and time.

Heaven is outside of time as there is no time in Heaven. What does this mean? That is when the Bride goes to Heaven where they are not subject to time and its laws of decay.

When there is no time then nothing deteriorates. There is no sickness as that is a product of decay. There is no death because when there is no time, nothing ends. There is no sin because death entered with sin.

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So when Lucifer in Heaven sinned, there was already a three dimensional earth and universe, so God had to create a fourth dimension of time for him to inhabit. Lucifer was changed to Satan and needed a spiritual dimension to live in. God put him and his bottomless pit of hell into the dimension of time because one day he will be consumed in the Lake of Fire.

Satan will only exist for a certain time. Moments were always ticking by in Heaven in terms of things happening but there were no negative effects until Lucifer sinned in Heaven.

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Satan introduced disorder. Time as such is the flow of disorder. Increasing disorder gives a direction to what we call time. Sin thus produced the dimension of time which includes the bottomless pit that held spirits that could produce both good making them deceptive and evil making them harmful.

Adam was created outside of time and was unaffected by this fourth dimension of time and good-and-evil spirits.

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When he sinned, the three dimensional earth also became trapped in the fourth dimension of time. Sin-cursed earth will only be around for a certain time. Satan brought these spiritual influences down from the higher time dimension to unleash death, hell, and the grave on planet earth when Eve opened the door for them to come in. The spirits of dead men also enter the fourth dimension of good-and-evil to wait for judgement day.


They rely on their good deeds. But their sins were evil. Drugs make people feel good for a while on a "high" but they are also chemical claws that tear at their brains. In their new bodies the Bride gets away from the fourth dimension of time and can no longer be harmed by its evil influences.

This is the second death. All the spiritual inhabitants of the fourth dimension end up in the Lake of Fire. Time still continues until they are totally consumed and disappear. When Satan is finally consumed that will be the end of the fourth dimension.

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It will have no further ill effects on anyone. Then time as such will end because time was the dimension that contained all the evil that caused the friction and disorder. Only in their new bodies can the Bride live outside of time. They do not age or decay in any way as our present bodies do. But the rest of the world carries on in time. A three and a half year Tribulation followed by a 1 years of peace.

The foolish virgins, being saved, receive glorified bodies and step out of time. Those condemned to the Lake of Fire serve out their sentence and then cease to exist. That is when time ends for them. There is time no longer for the Bride in their glorified bodies.

Moments will still tick by but will have no negative effects on them as their old nature will be dead and the Holy Spirit will flow through their veins and be in full control of them. Then the evil that is in the dimension of time will be totally unable to harm them or influence them.

They will live without sin like Adam was at the beginning. But there is a difference.