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Sign in. In the nineteenth century, the word bohemians initially conjured the primitive, exotic and mysterious power of gypsies, but in a few short years would be used to describe any nomadic or vagabond character - with strong overtones of poverty and even criminality. In Australia, bohemians have been associated with subcultures, and movements across most creative arts and media for more than years. Our cities spawned networks of poets, painters, novelists, journalists, philosophers, actors, filmmakers, comedians and hackers as famous for their controversial, eccentric lifestyles as for the work they produced.

Dancing with Empty Pockets is an exploration, and a celebration, of Australia's most creative figures - our bohemians, from Marcus Clarke through to the twenty-first century - and it is a must-read for everyone interested in our counter culture.

Empty Pockets ( Dance )

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Empty Pockets

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