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I recently worked on a campaign with a woman who sells on an online course on personal development — how to do more with less. They make money by keeping people on their site for as long as possible. They want to maximize the time people spend on Facebook. How many of your Facebook friends will be interested in taking your course? Because the objective you choose is what Facebook will optimize your campaign around. We want to get as many eyeballs on your course as possible. The good news is that you get to use that data to help you sell your course.

Be as specific as possible. The more specific you can be with your audience, the greater the chances of someone clicking on your ad.

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If your book is intended more for men in the United States ages , you can narrow your audience to only include them. A split test is when you create multiple ads that are geared toward different audiences. You then run those ads and see which ones get the best results. Create multiple campaigns targeting different age ranges and genders and see who responds best to your ads.

Facebook also provides an option called Detailed Targeting, where you can input Interests that Facebook provides. You can create an audience that shares specific interests related to your course. For example, if your course is about being an entrepreneur, you can specify that in your audience selection.

The more characteristics you can give Facebook, the more granular and specific you can get with your audience. Just like you can create split tests around different demographics, you can also create a split test testing different Interests. Then you see how each performs individually and adjust your results based on that. As you choose your audience, Facebook will show you how many people you can potentially reach with your ad.

Sell (and market) like crazy: Sabri Suby

Ideally, you want the arrow to be in the green, which means your audience is big enough without being too big. Next, you will set the budget for your ad. This can either be a daily budget or a lifetime budget. An ad with a lifetime budget will run for a set period and will use up all the budget over that time. This is where you get to flex your creative muscle.

First, you need to select an image for your advertisement.

How to Create a Webinar That Sells Like Crazy (Step-by-Step)

Choose an image that applies to your course. If your course is about fitness, choose a fitness-related image. This is where you need to get creative. Then underneath, use your skill with words to draw people into your ad. Do whatever you can to make your ad as eye-catching and clickable as possible. Finally, put in a headline and newsfeed description. Really, your text above the ad is your headline.

After your ad has finished running, let it finish its course and then analyze the results. The simplest way to determine whether it was effective is to look at the number of sales you had while your ad was running. Other notes Preferably horizontal logo. Free features.

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