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I felt this was the weakest story in the book, though still worth reading. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Siege: New Avengers. I was not familiar with these characters at all before Battlefield, but the interplay between the team members was so well done that I'm very tempted to search out the New Avengers line to read more about them. Their efforts are mainly search and rescue, but they also make the point of how the heroes let this happen by not stopping Osborn sooner. The last story is Siege: Secret Warriors. This is a very brief story about Phobos' attempt to get to the president to talk to him, after learning of the death of his father Ares.

Phobos fails, after taking down most of the secret service, and so leaves a warning message for the president about how he "sacrificed honor for expediency" and must do better lest there be repercussions. Overall, this is an excellent collection of stories tying into the Siege event. Highly recommended!

Jan 17, Shannon rated it it was ok Shelves: comic-book. Four lead-ins to others stories in the Siege storyline. Other Marvel Battlefield books I have read in the past have at least been full stories. First up is Loki, Mephisto, Hela, and cannibal ghosts, unconvincingly drawn in a bright colored Saturday morning cartoon style that is so not appropriate for the dark story it portrays. Still, this is the best intro to a story in this book.

Still would have like the complete story though. Part three features Captain America and Captain Bucky America in washed-out, low detail art going up against the might of Razor-Fist seriously. I have never liked the YA, and this story did not help improve that feeling.

The art is unimpressive, but I did like the concept.

Jan 08, KV Taylor rated it liked it Shelves: comics-graphic-novels-and-tpbs. This is really just a peripheral book to the whole Siege storyline, in which I wasn't terribly interested. Came back and was filling in gaps in my Young Avengers collection, saw this, figured wtf. Young Avengers thing was fun, with little moments for everyone, and Speed got to be an awesome badass with moments of feeling This is really just a peripheral book to the whole Siege storyline, in which I wasn't terribly interested.

Young Avengers thing was fun, with little moments for everyone, and Speed got to be an awesome badass with moments of feeling superinadequate and unbadass.

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Spider-Man and Ms. Lowlights: The whole Cap coming back while Bucky was being Cap and Whatever, man. Bucky's existential dilemma was overwritten and boring. Also, I tend to dislike most Asgard storylines as a general rule because they never make sense. I'll reserve judgment there since I didn't actually read the rest of Siege, but I get the general idea and don't imagine this is much different. It's not awesome, but it was cheap, and my faves were cool in it. View all 4 comments.

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Sep 03, Eric Nicholas rated it liked it. Good companion book to siege. Fills a few of the blanks that they left out. The Loki story was average, parts of it did not make any sense to me although it's been a while since I've read siege. The Spider-Man story was probably the best. The Ms marvel and Spider-Man fighting venom part could've been done better but can't complain. The captain America story showed the old school connection between rovers and Barnes, and how Barnes is trying to live up to being the new cap. Secret warriors and new avengers were decent story's too.

I don't know too much about either team but they definitely deserve to be included in this collection. All in all was a good read, apart from the Loki story, and one of the better siege companion books. Oct 05, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: comics-and-graphic-novels. Having reading several other titles in the Siege storyline, this one definitely needs the others in order to be understood. That's just the way it is with most crossover events. I would suggest reading at least Siege: Prelude and the main Siege book prior to this one.

Siege of Saratoga, New York on October 10-17, 1777

With that in mind, I do recommend this volume if you want to flesh out more events from the crossover. All of the stories are high quality with the Phoebus sub-plot being particularly poignant.

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Dec 11, Anne Barwell rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel , library , wish-list. I must admit I picked this book up from the library shelf because of The Young Avengers. The other stories were also an enjoyable read but with those, and the YA one, I felt as though I'd come in mid point through a story and it read like it. Which I realise I have, but it's the reason for the 4 instead of 5 ratings. May 17, Alex Sarll added it. An assortment of one-shot tie-ins which contribute little to Siege proper - but then Siege proper wasn't very good, was it?

It is interesting reading the Loki issue again now it can be seen for what it was - essentially Issue Zero of Journey Into Mystery which, as I may have mentioned before, is currently Marvel's best comic. May 19, James rated it liked it Shelves: comics , ebook , superhero.

A collection of standalone tales set principally just before the last issue of Siege, it's probably one of the more satisfying tie-ins. Plotwise it's nonessential, but contains some satisfying character moments from Captain America and others. Jan 08, Lesley rated it really liked it Shelves: comics-graphic-novels. Why couldn't this one have been a short series like the rest? Dec 27, Hannah rated it really liked it.

These rewards will only be available while the siege persists, so join the battle as soon as you can!

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Unlike other blue daily quests, this quest can be completed infinite times, with no daily timer. So it's best to always save up 12 supplies before turning them in. The Siege Battlefield is a special adventure zone for the event. It features a variety of heroic encounters unique to the event.

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Like other Heroic encounters, the ones found here feature 3 different reward tiers depending on your overall contribution - uncommon, rare and epic. Your tier will determine how many insignias you get, and grant a higher chance at the rare items though even a "Great Success - purple tier" reward won't guarantee any drop aside from the insignias. Sign In. The Turkish Neverwinter Wiki has been slated for deletion on or after November 21, From Neverwinter Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Valindra's Invasion. Celebration of Lliira.

This is huge! You can do that by clicking the blue swirl on the top right of your map.

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This will lists all current instances. The white ones are instances you can join. If they are grey they are maxed out and you cannot join them unless you are grouped with people in that instance. Choose a low population instance with a high instance number. So as an example if there were 2 people in each of instance 3 and 22, I would choose Instance 3 will have the game add players to it before This way the instance stays lightly populated.

It seems much more likely to get a voucher if you kill an enemy by yourself. If multiple people kill it, there seems to be a lot less of a chance. I have no data to back this up; it is just my anecdotal experience of spending hours farming the Siege of Neverwinter Event. So do yourselves and your guild a favor and farm those vouchers! If you find yourself maxed on Guild Marks, guild food can be put into your shared account bank.