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The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec

In my early forays into the world of spirits, I was eager to absorb the basics; I read introductory texts diligently and acquired the rudimentary equipment of bar craft. My collection of bitters swelled; there were celery bitters—which I used once—and cherry bitters and chocolate mole bitters and, of course, my own homemade bitters. Often these things only served to distract; they were noise. With books, I find myself less concerned with acquiring every new publication and more with returning for inspiration to the dog-eared pages of the best.

In service to the idea that a bartender or brand ambassador would benefit most from focusing on an abbreviated canon, here are the six essential books every spirits professional should own. Regan has little time for preciousness.

The Social Life of Spirits

He believes that personal style has a place in bartending—after all, this is the man who popularized the finger-stirred Negroni. Here, Regan concisely connects the dots between seemingly disparate cocktails by grouping them into sets that are easy to understand and to remember.

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The daiquiri and the Jack Rose, for instance, are sours built around lemon juice. Nonetheless, he was the first modern bartender to spread the gospel of cocktail families with zeal. All spirits are derived from plants; tequila and mezcal are born of agave, whiskey comes from grain, and brandy is made from fruit.

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Books with extra thrust

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Kumiko , Chicago, IL. What you need to know : Originally scheduled to open in the spring of , Kumiko will no doubt be worth the wait. In addition to an omakase-style menu, the beverage program will feature more than a dozen cocktails. Opening Date: Fall. Bar maven Lynnette Marrero is spearheading the cocktail program, which will have a heavy focus on Japanese sake, shochu and whisky, as well as pisco and other Latin American spirits.

The Spirit of Talk Talk

One innovative drink to look out for is the Midori Madre, a blend of shochu, pisco, lime and yuzu juices, aloe vera, and a shiso and kiwi shrub. What you need to know: Named in honor of both its instantly recognizable mascot and its current patriarch—E.

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Malcolm B. Gosling, Sr. Launch date: Mid-October. The 9-year-old, proof bourbon will pay tribute to John E. As such, this whiskey follows all the necessary rules to qualify as bottled-in-bond.

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