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Silent Sisters are sometimes referred to as the 'Stranger's wives'.

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The House of Black and White contains a public shrine with idols of many death gods, including the Stranger. Sandor Clegane 's horse is named Stranger. The sept is modest and has no statues of the Seven, only rough charcoal drawings to represent them. Here the Stranger's face is a black oval, a shadow with stars for eyes. It makes Catelyn uneasy. She thinks to herself that she would get scant comfort there. Sansa visits each of the Seven in turn, lighting a candle at each altar.

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If it had been the other way around her life would have been harder. In Braavos the slowly dying Master Aemon tells Samwell that the Stranger waits outside his door and will not be denied. During her confinement Cersei Lannister prays until her knees are raw and bloody, until her tongue feels thick and heavy.

When I was in high school, the mall was destroyed and there were several other strange occurrences, but not many people realize that my girlfriend was behind everything that happened. It was especially exciting because my friends and I were the ones who put all the pieces together, found out about a mysterious place under our town called the Upside Down, and saved everyone from the monster who lives there.

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Teens can have a lot of power, and we can see things adults sometimes cannot. But my experiences in high school were also scary, and they were very character-building. The horrible beast that almost took over our town made me lose people I was very close to, but it also made me the person I am today.

I would like to attend the University of Indiana, Bloomington.

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My life has had many challenges. My mother died when I was little. I was a subject in a mind-reading experiment that tried to turn me into a spy against bad people. I have saved the town of Hawkins from a monster many, many times. I have lost many people I love. I have also learned about family and about friends.

I have also learned to harness my powers so that I can be stronger in battles.

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I have a 4. I am confident that I will be a strong voice in the incoming Berkeley class. When I have been forced to make hard decisions in my life, I have stepped up to the plate. When I have been called upon to rise to the occasion, I do not fail. For instance, on the day my friends were attacked in a cabin and nearly eaten alive by a hellbeast with many tentacles, was I cowering beneath some boxes, waiting for someone to save me?

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I was wielding an axe. My radio tower is still there today!

The Stranger

Because MIT values independence and inquiry in its students, I want to use the opportunity of this application to tell a story about my adolescence. Like all great heroes, my friends and I were presented with many quests during our youth. My radio tower was not just an impressive feat of engineering; it was also the key instrument in a battle between good and evil that took place at our local mall.

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Destroying this monster was the work of many people, some of whom have since been lost. Monsters I once could only have imagined began to take shape before my eyes. Nightmares turned to living flesh. But Hawkins is still with me because of the friends I made there.